San Diego Chargers

Dear world,
This weekend its the start of the season for the San Diego Chargers.  The team asked the fans to wear white for the home season opener to "Unite in White" and make it a #WhiteHotSunday. Annie was concerned since there were only blue shirts in her size (she is not cheerleader material). I told her not to worry because she is always wearing white because of her fur color. She felt much better.
Go Chargers!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. I love football too but we play soccer. I do like US college football! Hook 'em horns!!

  2. You're always thinking, Rosy! Of course Annie is always white. We have the Bengals where we live. Their colors are orange and black (and a bit of white). I'm orange so I go with their uniforms! China is kind of white. It's great you guys are all ready to root for your home team!


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