Collect Rocks Day

In preparation for Collect Rocks Day, I went to the basket of rocks that Bear collected from the beach. I picked out all the pretty white ones and gave all the others to Annie. I told her that now we each have our own rock collection. Annie is not sure what to do with hers. I think I will paint my rocks pink.


  1. Painting your rocks pink sounds like the purrfect idea, Rosy! Maybe Annie can paint hers her fav color. She likes purple, right?

  2. Mom smiled when she saw all the rocks, we spent hours at the dog beach with my sister Rockford and I collecting sea glass.....Woof whistles to you ladies, Bosco

  3. These rocks are very special since they were collected by Bear from the beach. Your idea of painting them pink is so you, Rosy. They would make a lovely decoration. Maybe Annie would like to make a little rock garden for Bear in your yard. I love river rocks in my yard. Boulders too, lol. xo


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