Remember Me Thursday

Today is Remember Me Thursday. Everyone around the world is encouraged to light a candle today. The candles honor the millions of pets who lose their lives without finding a forever home and shine a light on the millions of healthy pets who are still awaiting adoption. There are all different orphan dogs and cats and other animals that need a loving home. Both of us were lucky enough to be adopted. Please light a candle today and please,  please, please opt to adopt. 


  1. I will Hugs
    Tweetypie gunner

  2. It is a good reminder to adopt. It's so sad that any pets have to be euthanized. I sure am happy my Mom adopted me! kitty hugs and kisses

  3. Rosy and Annie, thank you for remembering every precious pet. Being rescued was the best thing that happened to me -- and you too!

  4. I will definitely light a candle for this wonderful cause Rosie and Annie. I love your sweet picture. It's very special. xo

  5. How embarrassing for me, a cat, having to be reminded of this important day...anyway, thanks Rosy and Annie. I quickly made a belated blog post - giving you due credit, of course, for your vigilance and caring.
    Pasha (the Maine Coon)


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