Cocker Spaniel Meet-Up II

Dear world,
A couple of weeks ago, I went with Annie to a Cocker Spaniel Meet-up. Annie loved meeting up with her kin. It was so much fun, even for me, a poodle! There are so many Cockers that need forever homes. Five of them (pictured) were at the meet-up. Mommy said we couldn't, but I wished we could have taken them home with us, more Cockers for me to rule.
BearHUGs Forever,
PS-- If you are interested in adopting any of these Cockers or want more information, please contact http://www.sdsr.org/


  1. That looks like a lot of fun Rosy! I bet you'd have had a ball with more cockers to rule! You could have a tribe. :) I hope they all find furever homes. I hate when anipals don't have homes with humans.

  2. I absolutely love all these pictures of Cocker Spaniels. It's understandable that you enjoyed meeting Annie's kin, Rosy, and it had to be a highlight of Annie's year! Hopefully, these precious doggies will find "their" new home. xo


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