Party Poopers

Dear world,
I was so excited to have Bunnybell sleep over. I planned the most fab slumber party ! But just when I wanted to get the party started, I heard Annie and Bunnybell snoring. Oh poo! Party poopers!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. You'll have to teach these girls how to party like you mean it, Rosy! No snoring allowed! :)

  2. You girls must have had such a big day that it wore out Annie and Bunnybell. If you had those party "poppers" that you spoke of on Twitter I can imagine that they would not have been snoring for long. xo

  3. Rosy,
    Since Annie is sleeping, I need to ask you a question....?'
    How is Annie feeling , do you have any updates on our sweet Annie's prognosis?
    xoxo, Bosco


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