Pink Transportation

Dear world,
The other day when we were leaving the beach, I got to the top of the stairs and got so excited.  I saw a  push tricycle that was so perfect for me.  It wouldn't matter that I couldn't reach the pedals since Mommy could push me. And there was even a place for Annie in the back! I thanked Mommy for the wonderful surprise present! She told me it wasn't a present, it belonged to someone else. Oh poo!. When am I ever going to get my very own pink transportation?
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Rosy that tricycle is purrfect for you. Pretty and pink! :) I like the handle on it. What a good idea for training a little human to ride it. I'll have to tell my human brother about that so he can buy one for his son. It's so nice you have a beach! We still have snow. :(

  2. That pink tricycle and pink bicycle are the neatest rides I've ever seen. I still think your Princess carriage is perfect for you Rosy. xo


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