Pink Pig

Dear world,
The other day we passed by a store with a giant pink pig. I thought how fab! When Annie found out it was a barbecue grill, she was totally excited about the pig too. We both wanted it for our backyard. So I told Daddy that real men cook on pink pigs. He answered that real Princesses don't try to boss the King around.
BearHUGs Forever.


  1. Rosy, I love that pink pig BBQ. I do hope Daddy will reconsider and decide a Princess that loves pink should have her pink pig BBQ. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and Annie. XO

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  3. That's a great BBQ Rosy! It looks like it would be fun to use for grilling. I guess it's true Kings trump Princesses though. Around here, there are lots of decorated pigs because some of this area was once known as Porkopolous and they had a pig decorating contest for charity so people bought the pigs and now they're randomly all over!

  4. Holy Pink Moly....thats a Pink Pig Grill. I love it Rosy, you and Annie look great next to Porky Pink !! It would have been perfect if they were grilling something on it, than you could get a taste. Viva La Oink !!
    Your man Bosco...


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