Beach Bathroom

Dear world,
Yesterday at the beach Annie called me over to investigate an unusual sand sculpture. She wanted to know if I knew what it was. I demonstrated that it was obviously built as a small bathroom. And of course she followed my lead. I don't understand how she could not have figured it our herself. The smells were obvious!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. You girls are so creative. I think at Dogs' Beach you can "pick your spot" pretty much. But a Princess must have a castle for her "spot" and Rosy, you found it. That was nice that you set an example for Annie. xo

  2. What a great idea someone had to build a sandcastle bathroom. They must have known there is a Princess that visits that beach! Annie sure needs you to teach her, Rosy. You guys are so cute.

  3. Tikka was right, I think sandcastle bathrooms are ingenious !! Rosy, being that you are a princess and all, it's only fitting your commode should be a castle.
    Sending you both all my love from Chicago, your handsome man, Bosco


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