Valentine photo shoot

Dear world,
Yesterday, I was trying to do a photoshoot for a Valentine's card for Daddy. I arranged all the beautiful pink flowers on the seat under the pink flowering tree. Then I changed into my fab pink flower dress and was ready for my pics. And then Annie jumped up on the bench and smushed my flowers! She thought they made a great pillow. Finally, I convinced her to jump down so I could get the perfect pose!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Rosy you look so great in your photo shoot. Annie looks like your dog lying next to you. I love your dress, and your fab tiara! What a great Valentine picture!

  2. Rosy, you look stunning surrounded by all those pink flowers. Valentines Day suits you sweetie. You will be the woofie poster girl!

  3. From the top of your tiara, to the bed of camellias, this is the most beautiful and lovely valentine I have ever seen, Rosy. You outdid yourself in setting up this photo shoot. Mommy probably helped you a little bit.

    I think Annie found out that the gorgeous flowers made the softest pillow she would ever lay her pretty head on! xo

  4. You are such a lovey beauty, you could be a movie star!!! I loves it!!!! #pawhuggies Taffy


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