Kitchen Shopping

Dear world,
Continuing with my home improvement series, next up was kitchen shopping. Mommy and Daddy were looking to replace the cook top - an important item to Annie and I. We saw so many kitchen things, but no food! So I wandered off to the tikki BBQ area hoping to be served some steak (no luck). Annie headed off to the bathroom aisles. I think she had that on her mind since she was wearing her diaper. (Annie has a little problem lately but it's getting better. And she doesn't mind since I chose fashionable pink gingham diapers.)
BearHUGs Forever,

P.S. Thanks Fergusons Vista for being so dog friendly!


  1. Wow you guys got to go on another adventure! I'm with you, there should be food in a store with kitchen stuff. Poor Annie with diapers. I'm glad it's getting better. I don't think I would let my Mom put a diaper on me so easily. She puts diapers on my human niece and nephew and even they don't like it!

  2. Aw rosy and Annie you always have the best time love to see you guys having fun


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