Oscar's Red Carpet

Fashion did not disappoint at this year's Oscars . I got dressed and ready for the Red Carpet. I hope you think I joined the ranks of my opinion of the Best Dressed. Which one was your fave?


  1. Of course you fit right in, Rosy. I was expecting your Oscar's post today. What did u think of Lady GaGa's dish washing gloves? This show seems much longer than ones past for some reason. Hope you're having a fab Oscar night! kittykisses!

    1. Thanks Tikka! I did another post about the glove trend! I just love Oscars night! BearHUG & RosyPoodleKisses!

    2. Rosy, you not only joined the ranks of your Best Dressed celebrities, you far surpassed them. You were beautiful. BRAVO. XO

  2. Yay you look da best. We loved J Lo and Cate Blanchett da best woo woo. Hab fun and we wuv post of you frolicking in flowers hug always.


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