It's Mardi Gras !

Dear world,
Today is Mardi Gras. So I thought it would be fab to dress up and make believe we were in New Orleans watching a parade. All the floats were so fun and colorful. But Annie just couldn't imagine the parade. All she imagined was a giant slice of King Cake.
Happy Mardi Gras !
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. You guys look amazing! Do you have your own walk in closet at your house? You have so many clothes, you must! I bet Annie will find the baby Jesus in the king cake. Did you guys get something good in your glasses for toasting? Happy Mardi Gras!

  2. Woooowooo! Happy fat Tuesday BOL!!

    Nuk & Family

  3. Annie, we should go down to Mardi Gras, can you imagine all the food we could get off the street just walking around !! Holy Fat Tuesday....!!


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