Groundhog Day

Today I needed to explain Groundhog Day to Annie. So I told her to imagine she was in a hole and when she came out and saw her shadow, everyone would be sad because it meant 6 more weeks of winter. But if she came out and didn't see her shadow, everyone would be happy because Springtime would start sooner. Then she wanted to know what winter was. (I forgot that as a San Diego dog she doesn't get the season thing).


  1. I can't imagine not knowing about winter! Rosy you are always teaching Annie such great lessons. She must appreciate you teaching her. I am hoping the groundhog doesn't see his shadow. I don't like winter!

  2. Once Annie imagined herself in that groundhog hole, her fur changed into groundhog fur. Please tell her to jump out of her imagination quick Rosy. We want her gorgeous fur coat back. When you explained what winter was, Annie was probably glad she didn't have to experience that freezing, snowy weather. XOs

  3. Hawwoooo! We want more winter!!

    Nuk & Isis

  4. Annie, I think this is a good week for you to come to Chicago to experience Winter. We had a Blizzard here over the weekend with so much snow...I lost my tennis ball in a mound of it trying to dig it out. On second thought...you may only like it for a short time...then it gets really cold and icy. That part is not so much fun !! Mom did get a snow day from work...so that was fun having her home. all my love, Big Boy Bosco


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