Valentine's Weekend

Dear world,
Its Valentine's weekend -- yes, we think it deserves a weekend vs. only one day. So here we are two fab single girls wondering which of our secret admirers will put their paw forward and be our Valentine. Now remember, you are in competition with our Daddy.
Happy Valentine's Weekend !
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Aww you guys are so cute in your beach heart! I would think there are tons of boy dogs on your beach trying to cozy up to both of you. I think it would be very hard to beat your dad out though. I don't think anybody could beat my Mom for my Valentine. She gets me toys and stuff and she gives us treats and she takes good care of us! Happy Valentine's Weekend! xoxo

  2. Your Valentine's dress is lovely Rosy. You have had many gorgeous dresses but for some reason this is a favorite. I know Annie isn't one to get "dolled" up but she always looks beautiful too. BTW, your admirers might as well give up; there's no way they can compare to Dad. Hope you and your family are having a fun Valentine's Day. XOs

  3. Well, next to your Dad I believe I would be the most dapper choice. I'm handsome, manly, I give good walkies, and I've been known to dig up a bone or two for my special girlfriends....I'm very tall and my arms can escort both of you to the beach where I can show off digging up tennis balls. I believe my fur color goes well with both black and white. Rosy and Annie, I heart to be your Valentine !! Woof Whistles....Big Boy Bosco ...hubba, hubba.


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