Strolling Double

Dear world,
One of the nice things about holidays is having family visit. So it was so fab being with my human sis Sydne and my niece Bunnybell. It is a good thing that my new stroller is extra wide, so Bunnybell can sit next to me. But I think if she eats any more holiday treats she may need to ride down below! 
BearHUGS Forever,


  1. Rosy, I think you are part of a very nice family picture.

  2. Mom and Annie are also missing from the picture too :)

  3. You, Annie & Bunnybell always enjoy each others company. It's nice to have family visit on special occasions. Hope Annie didn't over-indulge to the point she had to sleep it off. I know how much she enjoys her meals, ha. xo

  4. Rosy you guys look so cozy & happy riding in your new stroller! BunnyBell looks happy to be spending time with you guys. So great to get to see family!

  5. You both look very smart ! Don't worry about Bunnybell's girth, it will just be extra padding for you on any tight turns or bumps your driver makes. Think of her as a lovely black cushion !


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