Handbags ?

Annie and I received presents today from our fab family in South Florida. I immediately thought of which dresses I could wear mine with. Annie on the other paw, did not see it as a handbag. She saw it as a nose rest and immediately used it for her nap!


  1. Your handbags look so great! I think Annie's looks purrfect as a nose rest. Those handbags look like one my Mom bought for her granddaughter (who is 17 months old). Mom bought her her own because she likes to pick up handbags, put them over her arm and wave bye bye! :) Can't wait to see which dress you pick, Rosy!

  2. Rosy, your & Annie's handbags are really cute. You look adorable carrying it even without a stylish dress. Annie's putting hers to perfect use. A nose rest AND a night mask. You're both such clever girls. XO

  3. Rosy, who wore it best? Both of you. You each have such flair. Personally I like the pillow rest idea that Annie had but you definitely have such paw-forward style.


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