Party time !

Dear world,
I had such a fab Rosy Day celebration with my family. First, we dined al fresco on fried chicken, my new fave treat. Then we went inside to the fab party table for my cakes. Of course I was serenaded the birthday song, then family loved their neon pink Rosy Day cake. I was so exhausted by my party and all the yummy food, I fell asleep before opening my presents! So Rosy Day must be extended!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Rosy it looks like you had an amazing party! Me & China are curious to know what your presents were. The food sounds outstanding. We have never had fried chicken, we'll have to ask Mom about that tasty treat! What a fun day you must have had! Cheers to you for extended Rosy day!

    1. I am still curious about my presents! I think we are opening them tonight. The Rosy Day extension continues! BearHUG & RosyPoodleKisses!

  2. Such a pretty party with all the guests pink & fried chicken on pink. I bet your presents were all pink.

  3. You had a fun & beautiful party Rosy. I don't blame you for declaring an annual Rosy Day We all want the fun times to continue. Meant to tell you how much I liked the pink & orange color combo. Your birthday decor was gorgeous for a gorgeous Princess! XO

  4. Rosy, you won the lottery when you adopted these humans :)

  5. What a festive party for a very special occasion...and yum --that fried chicken looks really delicious -- how wonderful that you have such fun and loving humans!


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