Salon visit

Dear world,
The other day Mommy had an appointment with her groomer. I asked her to take me along so  I could see how it differs from my grooming salon. Well now that I understand, I think I will try to enhance my next groomer visit. First, I will chat with Karen my groomer like Mommy does with April. And I think maybe I will consider having highlights done or at minimum covering my grey hairs.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Your Mommy's salon looks very lovely. I can imagine your groomer has a lovely salon too. But...please don't color your few grey hairs. Once it begins it must be done every 4 - 6 weeks & I don't think you'll enjoy sitting for so long. Trust me. I know about these things, LOL. XO

  2. My Mom covers the grey hairs too. Her daughter in law is a people groomer. I'll bet it was fun to see the difference between Mom's groomer & your groomer. You get to do so many cool things, Rosy!

  3. Nellie and I both dislike trips to our groomers. I am very particular about how my hair is done (maybe too much so) so I just do it myself. Nellie doesn't like having her hair trimmed, and especially hates having her nails don by anyone other than me. We are two peas in a pod looks like! LOL! I'll bet your mom looks beautiful after her appt., and you do too Rosy! xxx

  4. Do you think Karen could give you pink highlights? We think you'd be gorgeous...well, MORE gorgeous!!


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