Fab Presents

Dear world,
I finally opened my presents. So many fab things ! But my absolute fave of course is my new lightweight stroller. And I made sure Annie did not feel left out. I gave her a little black poodle toy as a Rosy Day party favor. Everyone should have a little Rosy to play with! 
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Rosy, you look amazing in your new stroller. Even Annie looks happy for you.

  2. Rosy you got such fab presents! You stroller isn't pink, but it looks like your Mom made up for that with lots of pink stuffies. Good of you to make sure Annie isn't left out. A black poodle is just purrfect to remind her of you.

  3. What an exciting day you had Rosy. Everything pink & beautiful with a touch of orange for accent. Gorgeous. Terrific stroller which Mom probably likes as much as you do. Loved that you gave Annie a cute black poodle toy - perfect! Glad it was such a success. XO


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