Bathroom Walk of Fame

Dear world,
The bathroom is being renovated. So the other day, Annie was looking for Mommy and she thought she went to that bathroom. So she jumped on the door to open it and tracked her way through the wet Thinset on the floor. Then, since Annie had not clued me in on what happened, I ended up doing the same thing a little while later .  So now, there are our paw prints cemented in the bathroom floor.  I think Annie and I should sign our names and it will be just like the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. I think you & Annie have hit on a new trend with your pawprints. I would have Mommy & Daddy leave the floor "as is". Not only would they have permanent cute pawprints, but they would offer the texture needed to keep from slipping. They could have the floor colored & shined like they do with kitchen & bathroom sinks. Very special. xo

  2. now nobody can say that you and Annie haven't leave an 'impression' on this planet...

  3. Annie and Rosy what great idea to sign your names and have your impressions in the cement for all time!


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