Missing Bunnybell

I met Bunnybell on Christmas Day 2017 when she came with my family to pick me up and bring me to my forever home.
Bunnybell was there in the stroller with Rosy with her Mom Sydne and my new Mom on my first walk in my new neighborhood.
 In April Bunnybell met Teddy and we threw her a 10th Gotcha Day party.
She was so happy! And that made us happy because Teddy and I loved Bunnybell !

 But this past Saturday Bunnybell made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge. That made us all so so sad. We gave lots of extra cuddles to Sydne and tried to lick away her tears.
What gives us some comfort is knowing that Bear, Rosy and Annie were there to welcome Bunnybell to the Bridge.
And we imagine Bunnybell is happy again, in no pain, prancing and dancing and eating lots and lots of treats.
We will forever miss our Bunnybell.


  1. Titus we are so sorry to hear Bunnybell went OTRB. We followed some of her adventures with Bear, Rosy, Fuzz and you and Teddy. Give Sydne pawhugs and kittykisses from us. Lots of love to all of you! xoxo

  2. the only consolation I have in moments like this is that she had an excellent life full of love.

  3. Thank you so much for the beautiful post Titus. I love it so much and love you and Teddy. Thank you for being there for me and making Bunny's last day such a happy one xoxo

  4. Pumpkin here. I'm so sad about Bunnybell. Sending lots of hugs for everyone in the family who's missing her.

  5. We are sooo sorry about the loss of Bunnybell. This was a beautiful tribute. Sending (((hugs))) to all


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