Cousins Pool Day

This week my cousins from Colorado came to visit. They are SO cool and they love me and Teddy.  While they went in.the pool, Teddy wanted me to play with him. But I told him I need to be serious and do my job as lifeguard .
When they went in the deep end, I started barking for them to be careful.
I was especially concerned about Macey, since she is the youngest and a sweet little girl.
And then, while running to make sure everyone was safe, I fell in the pool! AAAAHHHH!

I was relieved to be back on land again and very happy when everyone was safe on their floats! 


  1. AweTitus, you did such a good job! Did you enjoy your unexpected dip in the pool? I sure wouldn't want to be in the pool! I bet your cousins are happy you're such a good lifeguard. I'm sure Teddy understands that he has to wait to play when you're on duty! xoxo

  2. you love your family and want to be sure they are safe :)

  3. Titus I love how responsible you are. Your family must really appreciate you keeping everyone safe. Xoxoxo

  4. what a fun time you had! We have cousins in Colorado too!


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