National Pink Day

 Today is National Pink Day. So in honor of my sis Princess Rosy, we just had to celebrate. Teddy loved using her fuzzy pink pillow. And Mom brought Rosy's signature pink roses for the occasion.
Then I thought what would make Rosy really happy is if we would wear her boas instead of just decorating with them. Rosy always said Real Men wear pink boas.
Here's to you Princess Rosy. No one ever celebrated Pink better than you!!! We miss you!


  1. Titus, Rosy would be sooo proud of you & Teddy, though i’m Sure she’d take her boas & pink fuzzy pillow post haste. 💕💖

  2. Rosy sure would be proud of you guys. You sure did celebrate pink in a big way, and in turn celebrated Rosy! Cheers to you both! xoxo


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