Happy Birthday Dad

Today is our awesome Dad's birthday !! We are so happy he is home to celebrate with us. He is grilling birthday steak. I hope there is extra for us. We will even be willing to wear party hats if we could get some!
Please join me in barking (or meowing, or howling, or however you communicate) 
Happy Birthday to my Dad! 


  1. happy birthday Titus dad!
    the best dad a doggy can have

    ps: are those paws Teddy has polar bear's paws?

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Titus & Teddy's Dad!! Grilled steak sounds delish! Hope it's a fun time!

  3. Have a great day Titus’ Dad. Titus & Teddy are sooo lucky to have you. Xo

  4. Happy happy birthday to your pawesome Daddy! Wait, he has to grill his OWN birthday steak? What's wrong with THAT picture? BOL!!!


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