Thanksgiving Meal

 For Thanksgiving, Mommy made us turkey legs (ground turkey shaped as a leg!). When we sat down, we were all supposed to first say what we were thankful for. Bunnybell however, could not wait to eat!

 Then Bunnybell went after my turkey leg! I protested.

 So Annie barked that Bunnybell can sit next to her.

Bunnybell immediately finished her turkey leg, then stepped over Annie onto the table to get Annie's turkey leg! At that point, everyone agreed that Bunnybell could no longer sit at the table.

Once she was gone, Annie and I chatted about all the things we are thankful for. Most of them were the same - Mommy, Daddy, Sydne, Bunnybell, our home, our happy lives. Annie added thanks for her toys and bacon treats. I added thanks for my immense and fab wardrobe.

And then we were ready to eat. What a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


  1. those outfits are hilarious! You guys sure know how to pawty!

  2. This was really funny Rosy, the pictures were worth a thousand words....thank you for sharing... we love you guys very much. Gooble, Gooble. Love, Bosco

  3. Happy Thanksgiving you guys! xoxo


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