Rosy Day gift

My last report about Rosy Day is my fave present. Mommy and Daddy got me a gift card to my fave restaurant - Milton's Deli. So I went online and ordered dinner for Annie and me. 

Mommy set up our area for our special meal - my faves chicken noodle soup (Milton's is the absolute best!) and brisket served over mashed potatoes. 

Then we were ready to eat. Annie wasn't so sure about this fancy meal
until she caught a whiff of the brisket .

Mmmmmmm so good! What a fab meal ! 


  1. That looks like a fab dinner, Rosy. I love chicken soup! I'm sure I'd like brisket as well, but I've never had it. Mom sure thinks of the coolest gifts for you guys!

  2. Your Mom and Dad are incredible, just incredible!! Love them and YOU! DakotasDen

  3. You deserve all good things Rosy & how lovely you shared your present with Annie. Oxoxoxozo


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