Thanksgiving Wreath

 Mommy brought us a project to work on for Thanksgiving. A Grateful Wreath kit.  It's a wreath that is full of thankful thoughts. First we had to make the wreath.

The first thing we had to do was pop out all the paper leaves. There were so many! Annie got really frustrated since her paws were too big for this task. 

So I told Annie I can make the wreath. 

When I finished , it was time to make our grateful leaves to put on the wreath. Annie and I each had four to fill out.  I told Annie to think of what she is thankful for and write those things down on the leaves. I did the same. 

On Thanksgiving Thursday we will give 4 leaves each to Mommy, Daddy, Sydne and Bunnybell for them to fill out their thanks. Then our wreath will be complete. 
What would your leaves say?


  1. What a terrific idea! I sure feel grateful for my Mommy! This Thanksgiving I'm grateful my Mom figured out something was wrong with me, and is trying to fix it. (I was diagnosed with diabetes) and I'm grateful for my sisfur China being willing to put up with me! I'm grateful for all my anipal friends, and even the little monsters who live here part time now! Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family, Rosy! xoxo

  2. I wish I lived by your Mama! She does the coolest things!! DakotasDen


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