Popcorn Day

Annie was very excited to celebrate Popcorn Day. So I prepared each of us an appropriately sized bowl to have throughout the day. I told her if she wants to act like a proper princess, she should not eat it all at once.  I suggested that she take a few pieces out to eat, and then save the rest. But Annie still struggles as a Princess in Training. A bowl of yummies is not something she can walk away from.


  1. We're in sympathy with Annie! A bowl of catnip or tuna water is a treat that one must dive into immediately! Both of you are very dainty eaters, though. OurGirl didn't even know it was #PopcornDay but that's what she fixed for lunch. It must be ESPN!

  2. How cute! Annie sure looks like she's enjoying her popcorn even if she's not being princess like. My sisfur, China, loves popcorn. I don't think I've tried it. I tend to bat it around the house. Afterall, it goes really far when you bat it, and then I can chase it. A great toy! :) Happy Popcorn Day!


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