Hawaii vacation: Wailea Walk

One of my fave things to do on our Hawaii vacation is take Annie for a stroll on the beautiful Wailea Coastal Walk. One day we met a kitty on our walk. I thought I would stop and chat and find out about his Hawaiian life. Annie of course jumped on the opportunity to take a nap. I really think she should be more social.


  1. What did the kitty tell you about Hawaiian life? Does it like the beach and the water? Maybe kitties in Hawaii adapt to water. I'm kinda freaked out by water. My mom says before I was born she had a black kitty like that one named Sparky. He looks like he has a furever home. What a great vacation you guys are having!

    1. He meowed that Hawaiian life is fab! He loves the views of the beach. Humans feed him all sorts of goodies all the time. He can catch things when he feels adventurous. And he comes to the path when he feel like getting some affection! Very content kitty! BearHUGs & RosyPoodleKisses!

    2. The kitty you met must have mentioned all the fish he gets to eat. Probably some gourmet types too! xo

  2. What a nice-looking kitty! His admirers probably give him all kinds of fresh fish that makes his coat soft and shiny. We've heard there are lots of very colorful birds in the Islands. Most likely he has some among his friends. You and Annie are now his new friends! Maybe you can be pen pals when you get back from vacation.


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