Hawaii Vacation: Seaside, Poolside

I just love hanging at the beach lounging out and enjoying the classic beauty of Hawaii. I was surprised that Annie preferred to hang near the pool, after all, she doesn't even like to swim. Then I figured it out.  She heard that you can go to the swim up bar and order food. Typical motivation for Annie.


  1. I can see that motivation! It might make me get near water too. That pool sure looks lovely. Mom says she'd happily hang by the pool or on the beach or anywhere in Hawaii!

  2. Annie always seems to know where to find food. No matter where she may be, locating food is her first priority. Very smart girl. Love your vacation pictures Rosy. xo

  3. We like your sunglasses! Sunny Hawaii looks like a grand place to visit. Your hotel is huge! And it has swim-up food? Some of us might be willing to get wet for some food. We're betting Annie ordered a hamburger with a slice of pineapple.


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