Christmas Wishes

Dear world,
Annie, Bunnybell and I wanted to come up with a joint list of Christmas wishes for all of our family and friends near and far.  So here is our list:
              Let there be Peace on Earth,
              Have joy, hope and love in your hearts.
              and receive wonderful toys and treats and tiaras.
              And for those not fortunate this year, let 2016 bring a wonderful new beginning.
Merry, Merry Christmas.
BearHUGs Forever,
Rosy, Annie & Bunnybell


  1. Merry Christmas Rosy, Annie & Bunnybell��

  2. Well aren't you all looking extra cute for Christmas. Merry Christmas friends.

    1. Thanks Mario! Very Merry Meowy Christmas to you! BearHUGs & RosyPoodleKisses!

  3. Awwwww, you all look so lufferly and festive *admires* Thank you for your Christmas wishes - we join paws with you and wish you and your dear fambily a wonderful festive time and hope that 2016 is pawsome for you all xxx

  4. Can't believe I missed your Christmas blog. At least I saw it now and appreciated your heartfelt wishes for everyone. Thank you Rosy, Annie and Bunnybell. You all look so festive in your lovely Christmas photo. Mommy took a beautiful picture. xo

  5. Merry Christmas girls! You guys look ready to pawty! What great outfits Rosy. You have been so festive this holiday season. You picked great colors for each of your fur colors. I love your Christmas wishes. We wish the same! We hope 2016 is a better year for our family than 2015 was. We feel very lucky that we get lots of treats and great dinners and a warm bed every single day!


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