Snow in San Diego ?!

Yesterday on our walk, we ran into the most amazing thing - SNOW! It was windy and a bit cold (by my standards), but snow in San Diego? Mommy explained that it was brought in for a special holiday party for the kids in the neighborhood to sleigh ride and most of it melted already.  Annie loved the feel of the snow on her dirty paws and wanted to stay for awhile. . I however, gracefully leaped away since it was much too cold for my precious Princess paws.


  1. That's really cool Rosy! I get to see snow a lot in the winter time, but I have never put my paws in it. I think I would freak out! :) You were brave to even get in it. You guys sure encounter the coolest stuff by where you live. (I can't even imagine how much it costs to import enough snow to go sleigh riding)!

  2. How much fun for those San Diego children that had a sleigh ride party on real snow. You probably would have enjoyed that Rosy! No cold Princess paws. I love your stylish houndstooth coat that kept you nice and warm. Annie looked like she thoroughly enjoyed her snow time. Maybe Mommy and Daddy will take you to Palomar Mountain so Annie can enjoy more snow this winter. xo


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