Christmas Tree Shopping

Dear world,
We finally went to get our Christmas tree the other day. Annie and I were instructed to find a great tree for the family. I was so excited to see a row of pink trees- how incredibly fab! But Daddy said absolutely not - poo! So we settled for the one Annie picked. Maybe I will get to hang pink ornaments on it.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. It sure looks like Annie picked a great tree, Rosy! We've never had a live tree since I've been here. Have fun sniffing!

  2. Merry Chrisrnas Rosy & Annie

  3. Annie selected a gorgeous tree, Rosy. It looks like my favorite, the Noble Fir. We have a Pinery Tree tent in our Escondido Shopping Mall and it smelled so wonderful when we walked through. I wish I could get my home to smell like that. Rosy, there's no doubt Daddy will let you put up some pink ornaments. He probably has special ones in mind. xo


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