Holiday Hats

Dear world,
With the holiday season and cold weather, I explained the importance of head gear to Annie. Of course there is the holiday route of Santa and Elf type hats and then the more trendy beanie ones. For Annie I also thought the (faux) fur cap works well too. While I consider a wardrobe of hats a fashion must in winter, Annie is not a fan of wearing them. So I need to choose just one or two for her. Which hat is your fave for Annie?
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. These Christmas hats are so cute Rosy. My favorites for you are the Santa hat with the green bow and the long Santa hat that drapes over your right ear. For Annie, I like the Santa hat with the pom-pom on top of her head and another at the tip of the hat. Also, the faux fur looks so warm, comfy and cute on her.xo

  2. You guys sure do look fab! You are working your fashion magic again Rosy! :) I like Annie's elf hat and also her fur hat the best. I actually like all of the hats both of you have. I don't think I'd let my Mom do hats. It's nice Annie let u do them!

  3. OMC - you are all so adorable in your Christmas hats. I just love them.

  4. Although Annie looks adorable in all of them, we vote for the one in the lower right corner. That's the cutest! <3


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