National Chess Day

Dear world,
Since Checkers Day in September, I have diligently been trying to teach Annie to play Chess. It took a while,  but she did start listening and showing some interest. So now that Chess Day has arrived, Annie decided she was ready. So she had her Queen take out one of her pawns. OK. So we should go back to playing Checkers.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. You guys are so cute. It's so nice you are trying to teach Annie so many things. She seems to be studying the chess board very intently, even if she did take out her own pieces with her queen. Happy National Chess Day Rosy and Annie! :)

  2. Annie has a strategy in mind so that's why she took out her pawn with the queen. She must have a very strategic mind Rosy. Since chess can be time-consuming, you two must have a lot of patience. Mom and Dad have to be proud of you both. xo

  3. Interesting move Annie.....throw your opponent off completely with the unexpected....I like it, Annie...whoof whistles, Bosco


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