Annie of the Jungle

Everyone has been asking Annie what she wants to be for Halloween. She has a lot of options. But one day she roared " I’m Annie of the Jungle!" ...

 I guess it works. She looks like a toy lion, doesn't she?


  1. OMP Annie you're so adorable! Annie looks like she fits right in with the jungle. We like this costume a lot!

  2. To be clear: I am a really, really, really happy little lion myself - aka flaming Maine Coon. But watching you, Annie, and Rosy Rue, there are those rare moments when I wish....uhhh, I shouldn't even think such treason ...Oh, what the heck: I wish I had a few of your costumes to bat about. So, there...Did I say, I love the lion mane on you? Very fetching.

  3. The Halloween costume you chose is absolutely perfect Annie. You make a beautiful lioness. These pictures of you are very special. It truly looks like you are in the jungle. xo

  4. Oh dear, Annie. I misspoke calling you a lioness. You're definitely a lion with your beautiful mane. No matter what I called you, you look wonderful.


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