A new book club

Last weekend, we got to meet our wonderful blogger friend, Sugar.  We had a beautiful stroll with our Mommys and Daddys along the cove in La Jolla. 

Then we got to chat among just us girls and we decided we should form a book club. 

Our first book club selection is Sugar's book, Sugar's Furry Friend. We just started reading it and it is fabulous already. Cant wait to discuss it at our meeting in January. Would you like to join us?


  1. It's so cool you guys have a book club! It seems like you had a really fun meeting and discussion. I've never gotten to meet any anipals. That would be fun! Sugar's book looks like it's good.

  2. PAWsome meet-up :-) We can't wait to see you guys again. Glad you guys enjoyed Sugar's book. Golden Woofs

  3. Very cool! I love book clubs! What a good idea! xxx Nellie

  4. What fun you girls have had this holiday season; Christmas, Hanukkah, meeting Sugar, a very special anipal, and coming is the New Year! Best of all, starting a book club. 'Sugar's Furry Friend' sounds like a best seller to me. Hope the fun continues! XO


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