Pink Tree

Dear world,
Annie was very sad the other day when we put up the tree. She was confused since it wasn't big and green. I explained to her that this was only my personal contribution to the holiday decor this year. I always wanted a pink tree and Mommy and Daddy finally let me have one! So Annie felt better that there will be a big green tree. However, now Bunnybell is going to ask her Mommy Sydne for a lavender tree!
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. I think the pink tree looks great Rosy! My sisfur would love a pink tree, I think. I'll settle for any tree I can climb. I love trying to climb things. I bet Bunnybell will get her purple tree. I bet her Mom spoils her too ;)

  2. YKW Rosy, I think Annie really likes your pink Christmas tree as it's very lovely. And...she'll still have her traditional big green tree too. I have a feeling Bunnybell will be surprised with a lavender tree also. XO

  3. I'm diggin'it Rosy, your fur looks so dark and fluffy next to the glowing pink tree, and your eyes are like dark pools of "Christmas Magic" as they twinkle off the lights. I'll be happy to escort Annie out to the woods where we can find her a nice natural tree of her own. Call me I-800-Lover Boy. Remember i'm a member of the HandsomeManClub and available for Christmas party escorts.
    xoxo, Bosco


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