Holiday PJ's

Dear world,
This past week in San Diego it got a little "cold". So Mommy decided that we needed pajamas. Well of course being the beginning of the season, we now have matching holiday PJs. The only problem is that San Diego is now back to normal warm weather so we can sleep naked again . Sorry Mommy.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. How adorable you guys are! Those pjs are adorable. At least Mom got to get her pics before it warmed up!

  2. well, thank god it got cold enough for mom to dress all of you and be so cute

  3. Love your pjs. Rosy, you asked who wore theirs best. Of course you had the stylish shortie, like a mini-skirt. Annie's was in style with the longer length & Bunnybell was right in-between being her stylish self. Each one of you wore it perfectly for your own style. Maybe Mommy should get kudos. xo

  4. You all are the cutest trio ever. My mom says "absolutely precious!"

  5. Oh yoo luk just pawtabulus in yur Chispmowse jammies. Stylin fur shur. ~Willy


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