Christmas Eve

Dear world,
It's Christmas Eve, and we are so curious about presents. However, we can't open them until tomorrow. Annie is trying all sorts of sad faces to see if she can open at least one. She is especially interested in the one that smells like treats. Don't you think we should be allowed to open one each?
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Rosy, I have a feeling that one of Annie's sad faces is going to win Mommy and Daddy over and you'll both get to open ONE Christmas present. With your lovely tree, so many presents, and each beautifully wrapped, and with you and Annie looking cute and Christmassy, I think it's not too much to ask, hehe. Wishing you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. XO

  2. You both look so snuggly and sweet in your PJs! OurPeople have a tradition of opening one prezzie on Christmas Eve and having hot chocolate and some Yule Log. Maybe YourPeople will relent, especially if there's a little snackie involved.

    Remember to be fast asleep by midnight so Santa can visit you! Maybe you need to keep one ear alert in case of tiny hoofbeats on the roof though. And be sure to leave a carrot for Rudolph. His nose needs extra energy to glow bright enough.

    Lots of love and Meowy Krismouse purrs to everyone at your house from everyone at ours. >^..^<

  3. Rosy we think you should be able to open at least one present! At our house Santa comes on Christmas Eve for some reason, so we got to open treats n stuff already! Merry Christmas to your family from me, my sisfur Mom! Christmaskissynoses!

  4. Yes Annie needs to open one, we used to do that but mom's working, keep smiling!! #pawhuggies Rosy

  5. You are so lufferly and cute *smiles* Nan says she would give in to you in a heartbeat. Merry Christmas, sweet pals xox


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