With the launch of Beyonce's album last weekend, I was inspired to hold Lemonade class for Annie and Bunnybell.  Each of them had a very different reaction. While Annie thought the Lemonade looked too weird to drink, Bunnybell couldn't wait to drink it all up. I explained to her however that she cant drink it. We will be using what we make for our Entrepreneur Class in which we will create a Lemonade Stand.


  1. I'll bet Bunnybell was disappointed she couldn't drink her lemonade, but a Lemonade Stand sounds like a great idea! (I hope you covered everybody's eyes when Beyonce was smashing stuff with baseball bats, rosy)!

    1. Yes, its a great idea, but naming the Lemonade stand has become a problem. I thought Rosy's Lemonade sounded perfect, but Annie thinks her name is more marketable and Bunnybell said she already has a logo! So we'll see. And dont worry, Annie napped through Beyonce's performance, and Bunnybell was in the kitchen floorsurfing for treats! BearHUGs & RosyPoodleKisses!


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