Eye Check

The other day I went to the Opthomologist for an eye check-up. She said that I have Iris atrophy - (not really a big deal, I just may have to squint in bright light). 
So the doctor suggested if it bothers me, I should protect my eyes with sunglasses or visors. How fab! I get to delve into a whole new fashion world!


  1. Rosy, no matter the issue, you'll make it glamorous. You could be one to start "Trending Styles". You may design something new and innovative!

  2. How cool Rosy! And what a positive outlook.. turning a problem into a fashion opportunity! You do look absolutely fab in your glasses and visor!

  3. Yep. Pink is definitely your color. And you even have a pretty little heart on your shades. We love your "ear-do." Maybe if you wiggle fast enough, you could fly! Or at least levitate. :D


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