Unconditional Surrender

The other day we took a walk along the harbor. As we approached the Midway Museum we saw this fab statue of a sailor kissing a nurse. Daddy explained that the sculpture is called Unconditional Surrender by Seward Johnson.  It resembles a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, V–J day in Times Square that depicted the joy Americans felt when WWII ended. I thought that was interesting. Annie was perplexed by the giant people until I explained that it was only the sculpture. The real people were not actually 25 feet tall.


  1. Great statue! Play bows,


  2. My Mom's dad was at the Eiffel Tower on VJ Day. He had a newspaper signed in many different languages by many people from all over the world celebrating. I can sure see why Annie would be intimidated by 25 ft. tall people! It's a very cool statue!

  3. A 25 foot statue depicting THAT kiss makes a statement. Rosy, you and Annie look so small in comparison that it makes you realize how tall it is! I was a little girl when the war ended but I still remember how excited everyone was and I was excited too. It seems everyone was so patriotic then. xo

  4. Rosy they talked about the photo that this sculpture is a replica of on NPR today. They did some research and found out the photo was taken at 6:51 on VJ day in Times Square so today people were going to recreate this photo in Times Square!


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