Unconditional Surrender

The other day we took a walk along the harbor. As we approached the Midway Museum we saw this fab statue of a sailor kissing a nurse. Daddy explained that the sculpture is called Unconditional Surrender by Seward Johnson.  It resembles a photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt, V–J day in Times Square that depicted the joy Americans felt when WWII ended. I thought that was interesting. Annie was perplexed by the giant people until I explained that it was only the sculpture. The real people were not actually 25 feet tall.


  1. My Mom's dad was at the Eiffel Tower on VJ Day. He had a newspaper signed in many different languages by many people from all over the world celebrating. I can sure see why Annie would be intimidated by 25 ft. tall people! It's a very cool statue!

  2. A 25 foot statue depicting THAT kiss makes a statement. Rosy, you and Annie look so small in comparison that it makes you realize how tall it is! I was a little girl when the war ended but I still remember how excited everyone was and I was excited too. It seems everyone was so patriotic then. xo

  3. Rosy they talked about the photo that this sculpture is a replica of on NPR today. They did some research and found out the photo was taken at 6:51 on VJ day in Times Square so today people were going to recreate this photo in Times Square!


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