Yosemite : El Capitan

Another fab photo op in Yosemite was a direct view of El Capitan - the largest monolith of granite in the world rising 3000 feet above the Valley floor! I thought I would use this scenic opportunity to help Annie with her posing. First I demonstrated a charming princess pose.  Then it was Annie's turn. I am not quite sure why she chose to accentuate her ears, not her best look.


  1. I think Annie looks adorable. I know it's not the purrfect Princess pose, but very cute nonetheless. And you Rosy look great! What great momuments and nature you are getting to see AND smell! It sounds like this is a great road trip for dogs as well as Moms & Dads!

  2. Rosy, you've done a terrific job teaching Annie her Princess poses. As for the ears, it looks like you both have the "wind blowing through your ears", California girls windblown look. Beautiful pictures. xo

  3. I know what you both are thinking....can we stay here forever, just run nekkid in the wilderness and commune with our Wolf friends. The answer is NO, no, no, no, no ...NO. Camping and hiking is a day only adventure and getting Burrs in your fur just plain stinks. You both look great against the backdrop of the mountains though....woof, Bosco

  4. I think you two are the luckiest fur-gals this side of the Nile. What a great trip - and "almost" at your doorstep. Well, give or take hundreds of miles.
    I'll never get to go anywhere myself, so your blog helps me a lot to overcome "cabin fever."
    Pasha (brrrr....the Maine Coon cat).

    1. Yes, we know we are lucky and are grateful for it! So happy to help with the cabin fever! Before I came along Bear had a Maine Coon cat brother-- he blogged about it... http://lovealwaysbear.blogspot.com/2010/01/tribute-to-snowden.html . I wish I could have a cat brother! BearHUGs & RosyPoodleKisses!


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