Clear the Shelters

Dear world,
Tomorrow is Clear The Shelters Day around the country. Do you know that only 20% of people looking for a pet go to shelters! Isn’t that terrible?! We went to the Orange County shelter almost 3 years ago to get my Cocker Spaniel Annie. There are so many pure bred dogs in shelters! And everyone thinks  my niece Bunnybell is some fancy designer dog- well, she is a mutt and she came from a shelter too! There are so many dogs and cats of all ages and sizes that need loving homes… and they are just as fab as those you get when you shop. I think shelter pets are even better—because they are full of extra love and gratitude since they understand that you saved them!  So please go visit your local shelter to find a new fur member for your family. Remember – adopt don't shop!
BearHUGs Forever,

PS- I never was in a shelter because Mommy found me on the streets of Memphis before I became a shelter dog. 


  1. Your Mom was your shelter, Rosy! I remember when she found you and you were so dirty she gave you a spa day and got you all beautiful! I remember thinking she placed ads to try to find your previous people and I knew she was already attached to you! That sure worked out for you! I came from a shelter and I was adopted, but for some reason those people decided they didn't really want me and they returned me to the shelter, which turned out lucky for me because then my furever Mom came and found me! Rescue pets are so happy to have homes, and to adopt pets saves pet lives! Adopt! Adopt!

  2. Oh we definitely agree! We shelter pups rock!!


  3. Rosy, we shelter dogs sure need to get more humans to adopt us.So glad you, Annie and Bunnybell fell into the butter tub with your family. I was so big that my mom and dad worried no one else would take me. They somehow fit me into the back seat with my sister Maggie who is a shelter golden too. Let's hear it for adoption!

  4. Rosy, this was the best post ever, thank you for advocating about the Shelters and why they are filled with good dogs to adopt. My mom says you are the best. I wish others would read this post and tell everyone about it. We need to keep spreading the word.....thank you for Annie, Fuzz and Bear. My mom says the hundreds of miles she puts on her car, feel much lighter after reading your post. Woofs, Bosco Boy.

  5. Rosy, Annie and Bunnybell, you each have a wonderful story to tell about how you were chosen to be in your new family. Very touching and wonderful. And for your blog fans, we're so happy we got to meet and to know you three girls. xo


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