Teddy Bear Picnic Day

It is Teddy Bear Picnic Day so of course we had to celebrate.  Annie and I invited all of our teddy bears. I had to scold Annie about taking the chicken off the plate. She knows she has to wait until it is cut up and deboned. And importantly, we need to serve our guests first! She needs to go back to manners class again!


  1. That chicken looks yummy to me too! I don't think I'd be able to wait either. Your picnic sure looks like fun. I bet your bears are enjoying it! Kittyhugs & kisses!

  2. YUM, your chicken looks delectable Rosy. After Annie got a whiff she thought it might be a good idea to taste test it before sharing with your teddy bear guests. Your guests are very cute. xo

  3. Oh what a fun day! We hope there was enough chicken for everyone 'cause that's a LOT of guests. This photo has given us an idea...not for food, but for the lovely picnic basket. We're going to ask OurPeople for one. Then we'll all get into it and they can take us on an adventure. >^..^<


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