Dear world,
The other day Annie attended my Princess School banking class that teaches the importance of saving money. As an example, I showed her Daddy’s money jar of all his loose change that he has saved over the past year. For her homework I told her she needs to convince Daddy to put change in our banks since his is full. Not too difficult an assignment with those big brown eyes of hers!
BearHUGs Forever,



  1. WoW Rosy! Banking class in Princess School, is it Princess College? Do you guys buy toys with the change when you get enough money? Treats or toys sound like good things to save for to me! Me and my sisfur have never been to banking class. I'll have to ask Mom about it. It's so great you teach Annie so many diverse things!

  2. Your Banking class at Princess School is a terrific idea Rosy. Everyone should learn about saving money - doggies and humans. We never know when we'll have a rainy day. I love both of your banks. I would love those for myself. xo


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