Opening Day at Del Mar

Dear world,
Its Opening Day at Del Mar Racetrack. It is such a fabulous scene. Since no canines are allowed, I thought maybe we could sneak into the paddock. Then once we were in we would blend right in with all the fashionable ladies. The only problem is that Annie likes to bark at horses. So I am not so sure this plan will work.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. Is Annie barking to make friends with the horses? I guess it's hard to be sneaky when somebody insists on being noisy! :) If not for the noise, I think you two would definitely fit in. You are spot on fashion wise. Love your glasses!

  2. Rosy, there is no reason that you and Annie should not be allowed into the racetrack. You look elegant, lovely and are very well-mannered (maybe not-so-much when Annie barks at the horses, ha). If they would allow you to be seated in the stands Annie's barking would be a part of the crowd's cheering. xo


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