Egg Hunter

Dear world,
 I got Annie a shirt for our Easter Egg hunt. She was somewhat interested in collecting eggs, but she was a real master at finding bunnies. I guess next year I will get her a Toy Hunter shirt.
BearHUGs Forever,


  1. WoW Annie is sure a great toy hunter! Did you hunt eggs, Rosy? It looks like fun to me Looks like lots of new toys! Happy Easter & Passover!

  2. It's so sweet of her to find a bright pink bunny for you! What a good pup she is!

    We're having an egg hunt at our house, too. There's plastic eggs like yours with kitty treats in some and Cosmic Catnip in others. (Or so we've heard...we're not supposed to know. Shhh!) We don't have bunny ears to wear, but the boys might have polka-dot bow ties.

  3. You caught some great bunnies Annie. They are so colorful and cute. I think they will become your friends and not looked upon as prey! Happy Easter to all. xo


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