Beach Easter Eggs

We went to the beach for our Easter egg hunt. I explained the two rules to Annie and Bunnybell. Rule #1: Collect as many eggs as you can find, and then we will give them to Mommy for treats. Rule #2: Do not by any means touch the Disney Princess eggs. Those belong in my Princess basket.
Happy Easter !


  1. What fun you girls must have had. Your mommy had a great idea of collecting the eggs, bring them to her, then a treat is given. And Annie, you found lots of bunnies, Rosy had her very own Princess eggs to put in her Princess basket and I think Bunnybell must have found many colorful eggs. Special day for all three of you! HAPPY EASTER girls and parents.

  2. What a great pic Rosy, were you the artistic director? I like your princess basket and the bunny ears look great! Looks like everybody had fun with the eggs. (treats are always a good idea) Did you guys name your new golden yet?

  3. Gr8 Easter egg hunt wow you always have so much fun!!
    Your friend

  4. Happy Easter to the fab egg-hunters! Hope you have a wonderful day, especially with the Princess eggs...what is inside?!

  5. you are the 3 best looking dogs on that beach... all year round :)

  6. Ohhhh what fun!! You really know how to do things in a fun way! Hugs!

  7. So fun celebrating Easter with you! Just posted our video :)



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